About us Jay Ambe Concern

Jay Ambe Concern one of the best Engine Oil Supplier in all Over NEPAL. Jay ambe main Distributor and Suppliers Futrol Engine Oil.

Introduction Futrol

Communities across the world share one common concern for the future-the need for sustainable energy practices. At Futrol, we are committed not only to share this concern but also make a substantial contribution to this. For this we have a story for the future, a story that will make the lives of our children a lot more happier and this planet a more liveable one.

Our forward thinking polices and practices not only make the present a more meaningful one but also the future a more brighter one too. Our everyday practices transform us from a mere lubricant manufacturer to a company that set bench- marks for others to follow and illustrate how corporate governance can co-exists with social responsibility.

Our Company

We, Future oils is a worldwide manufacturer of Lubricants and greases. Our strength is a committed technical and quality excellence ensuring that all our products are vigorously tested to perform under the most demanding conditions with competitive prices and outstanding aftersales service.

We have proven capabilities to cater to the booming demands of our products across the globe. We have state-of-art production facilities at strategic locations.

We value the importance of keeping ourselves abreast with latest technologies and have deployed international robust quality systems and procedures with highly skilled workforce. To support our vision we have Infrastructure which is well equipped with in-house storage tanks, hi-tech warehouses with well integrated logistic support system. Our inherent flexibilities allow us to scale quickly, ramp up teams and infrastructure in response to market requirements,

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